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We are Brown Property Assets, a Philadelphia based real estate investing firm.

If you happened to drop by our page, we are excited to share our journey with you.  We, like most people, did not start in real estate looking to become investors.  Simply put, we needed a place to live.

Neighborhoods were selected. Home choices were made. Mortgages were signed.  And we moved in.

Over time, more decisions. Stay? Sell? Remodel? Rent?

If you are looking to make or have made a decision to hold a property for the use of others in exchange for an agreed upon dollar amount, you either are or aspire to be a real estate investor.

Our site will share both our past and planned future real estate holdings with you.  We'll share as much information as is practical.

We hope to inspire you and make you want to be active with your own venture or get involved with one of ours.  We love company.

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Stay Tuned Here For Updates On New Projects

Our new projects will be posted here.  You'll be the first to learn about it and possibly join us in making a dream a reality.

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Projects We Have Completed

We invite you to see some of our already completed projects.