Who We Are

Highly qualified and motivated professionals.

We also love to have fun.

Our family-run business, formed in 2020, started with individual property purchases in 2001 as our primary residences.

In addition to joining together to discuss business, you'll find us gathered for family events, trips, meals and holidays.

We pride ourselves on providing safe, comfortable dwellings to guarantee all of our tenants are 100% satisfied.

We take the same pride in finding new deals and sharing the benefits with our investors.


Investor Relations

Having obtained Actuarial Science and Pharmacy degrees, Bernard is great with numbers.  He prides himself in sharing details of deals with potential investors.  Bernard is focused on return on investment.

As a lover of sports, Bernard enjoys rounds of golf and gathering in sports bars to discuss business.

Tony Brown


With a degree in Computer Science, Tony enjoys finding and analyzing new deals. His keen eye for design makes him a natural fit planning new builds and reimagining spaces for their best use.

Tony likes to experience culture through travel and food, both by eating and cooking.  He enjoys listening to all types of music and is fluent in Spanish.

Leslie Calimer


Leslie holds degrees in Technology and Education.  She is in a leadership role in Academic Advising at a Philadelphia university. With her background in education, she sees the need to offer multiple pathways, such as in the building trades and investing to build generational wealth, to young people. Leslie is passionate about educating people about credit, home ownership and investing.

Having grown up in apartment living, she understands the importance of ensuring that both homes and apartments provide safe, stylish and comfortable living spaces.