Property Information

Help our underwriting and purchasing team evaluate your property.

Providing the information below will help us move forward with further evaluation:

  1. Market CAP rate for this type of property.
  2. Configuration of the property with square footage (# of units/beds/baths/other spaces). (Excel file preferred.)
  3. Excel file of rent roll if occupied or indication that property is unoccupied. (Excel file preferred.)
  4. Cash basis T12 (trailing 12 months of income and expenses). (Excel file preferred.)
  5. What utilities are used for which systems and who pays them?
  6. Any other monthly or annual expenses captured outside of the T12. (Excel file preferred.)
  7. Recent CAPEX projects/repairs.
  8. Deferred CAPEX projects/repairs.
  9. Any additional pictures the building, inside, outside, roof and mechanical systems and spaces.
  10. Any available building plans.
  11. Seller’s disclosure.
  12. Property inspection report from recent offers.
  13. Flood plain designation.
  14. Septic/well or public water/sewer.
  15. Is the seller willing to finance?
  16. Is the current mortgage assumable, if so, what are the terms?
  17. Is there an HOA, if so provide the HOA agreement and website.